We all remember the training that had an impact on us.  Those experiences where we laughed, had deep conversations, and discovered something unexpected about ourselves.  These are the moments when learning feels effortless, and we can’t stop talking about the experience afterwards.  And everyone who hears about it, wants a piece of that same magic.  These are the workshops I want to create with you.

from coaching to workshops

By placing coaching at the heart of any workshop we’re able to support learning of theory and techniques, while simultaneously encouraging personal development that lasts.  We create environments where individuals feel confident in playing with ideas, questioning information, evolving their perspective, and applying what they discover.

phase 1: theoretical content
We want the information we share to be “sticky”.  To encourage this, I bring the content to life through storytelling, and offer little nuggets of information as the group naturally comes to conclusions.  The idea is not to push the information onto the group, instead I want to help them discover it for themselves.

phase 2: in the real world
Once the concepts are understood, the group is encouraged to explore how they can be applied.  To support this, I demonstrate the ideas through different delivery techniques, the group experiments with the theories through activities, and together we discuss how to thoughtfully integrate their new awareness and approach back into the workplace.

phase 3: self-discovery
When learning takes place, there’s often a change within the individual, and this isn’t always related to the workshop content.  By creating space for individuals to reflect on their learning, and how they’ve been operating within the group, they’re better able to recognise this change and begin to embed it.

phase 4: the wider system
Following a workshop, it can be incredibly valuable to consider how we can use our new learning to better support the wider organisation, creating positive ripples beyond our roles.  Although a workshop can encourage this approach, it’s often better to explore systemic change through coaching a few weeks after, once the group has had a chance to individually apply their learning.

multi-faceted delivery

The structure and content of these workshops are designed to carry the weight of delivery, freeing the facilitator to move with the group.  Adapting their style to how the group naturally operates, moving at a pace they set, and responding thoughtfully as important topics surface.

Coaching is actively used within the delivery, encouraging individuals to explore and question the content, and leveraging live conversations to land core messages when they’re most relevant to the group.  All perspectives are welcome, and there’s no attachment to any specific theory or technique.  Instead, the focus is on developing the behaviours agreed during workshop development.

Best of all, without the group being consciously aware, the delivery is designed to offer subtle live demonstrations of the content being explored.  This creates multiple opportunities for the unconscious mind to embed the learning, while the conscious mind is processing the content itself.


Being part of a group that’s engaged with learning, drives an individual’s development far more than working through content by themselves.  They have access to a broader array of thinking, they discover through more interactive exercises, they can take on different roles to manage their energy levels (and test approaches).  Following the workshop, they have shared experiences to continue conversations, and a more supportive network to turn to.

half-day workshop: £3,000
full-day workshop: £5,750
note: 8-15 participants recommended

add-on coaching

When individuals return to the organisation following a workshop, they can face challenges as they start to implement a different approach.  When this happens, usually following several failed attempts, they can revert to old behaviours.  Although we can address this during the workshop itself, having in-moment or ongoing support can be more beneficial.  Being heard as they talk through what hasn’t quite worked, exploring alternative approaches, and being encouraged to continue with the change, can make all the difference between simply attending a workshop and creating long-term change.

group coaching: £750 per 90-minute session (recommended 4-6 participants)
individual coaching: £350 per 60-minute session

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