Working together through supervision is about gaining more insight to who you are as a coach, and supporting you to authentically connect with your clients so they can achieve their outcomes.

These sessions are best suited to professional coaches…

…who recognise the importance of continuous development, and the value of gaining a broader perspective to better support their clients.  Coaches who benefit the most from these sessions are already committed to regular self-reflection, and engage with continually being on a learning journey.

Our relationship begins with a conversation… 

…to explore where you are with your coaching experience and your vision for where you’d like to be.  We’ll also discuss some of the challenges you may have faced in your client sessions and the type of support you would have found valuable.  Most of all we’ll spend time getting to know each other to really understand if we’d enjoy working together.  I honestly believe the more we enjoy our supervision sessions, the more effective they’ll be in supporting you, and your clients.

For me, supervision is about being true to you…

…beyond the definitions of what coaching is, and is not.  It’s also about embracing a range of technical approaches and psychological schools of thought.  If this connects with you, I want you to also be aware of key details of working together.  So, here’s the simple structure I work to.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • £150 per session (private clients)
  • Ongoing relationship with sessions as required

Ready to continue your development as a coach?  Get in contact and let’s explore how we can best work together.