I’ve found that disruptor coaches consistently operate at the edge of their comfort zone, testing different techniques, working on varied cases, and enhancing their coaching mindset.  They recognise that if they’re the only ones reflecting on their coaching, they may fall into poor habits, miss ethical dilemmas, or insufficiently process sessions.  They seek insight from a variety of sources, and value support and guidance to help them work through their thinking.

what supervision offers

Supervision offers space for reflection, processing and professional development.  It’s a chance for coaches to openly share their professional concerns and fears, and receive support to work through these.  It’s a place for connection and an opportunity to engage with someone who can appreciate what you experience in your work.

working with me

My focus is to support your professional development as a coach, and this can take many forms.  We might explore client cases together to help you work through your experience and identify next steps.  We may discuss where you’re taking your coaching practice and clarify your overall goals.  We could explore trends in coaching, what’s influencing the sector, and your role as part of this.  Through our conversations, I’ll openly share my thinking, offering you full access to my experience and toolkit, while ensuring we maintain focus on you as a coach.

individual supervision

It can be a rare experience for coaches to allow themselves to be fully vulnerable in their professional capacity and openly share what they’re thinking without fear of how they, and their work, will be perceived.  Working with a supervisor one-to-one creates space for this.  By leveraging the trusted relationship created with a supervisor, the coach is able to deepen their explorations and begin to access resources that were previously hidden.

session length: 60 minutes
single session: £250
6 sessions: £1,350 (to be used within 6 months)

group supervision

Being part of a group of coaches, effortlessly generating an amazing conversation is core to this type of supervision.  Just think about all that experience and breadth of knowledge supporting your professional development, encouraging your thinking to move in different directions, and cheerleading you as a person. You also grow by supporting others to explore their client cases and coaching topics. Unconsciously adding another dimension to your development by observing how they work through their questions and challenges.

session length: 90 minutes
single session: £550
6 sessions : £3,150 (to be used within 6 months)
note: best suited to 4-6 coaches at a similar stage of development or working in similar situations/organisations

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