I’ve found that although my clients are respected for what they deliver, they feel unable to reach their potential due to external pressures and restrictions.  They have confidence in their skills and experience, seeing opportunities others have yet to notice, but feel unheard when they share their ideas.  Often my clients are ready to take on something new, but are unsure of what to choose and are concerned they’ll make the wrong decision.  In essence, my clients come to me feeling limited in some way, wanting change, and ready to take ownership to make this happen.

what coaching offers

Coaching offers a thinking partnership unlike any you’ve experienced before.  Most disruptors don’t follow a linear thought process, instead they move through several streams simultaneously.  In coaching, we embrace this to discover the patterns that exist in your thoughts and behaviours, and begin to disrupt and update these to better support you.  We’ll consistently work at your pace, however much this may vary, making progress every session through approaches that are tailored to your natural style.

working with me

I’ve worked hard to hear the nuances in your verbal communication, and even harder to see them in your body language.  Without trying, you’ll share all the information we need. You can expect kindness and candour as I ask the big questions, and share observations for you to consider.  Although this may feel challenging at times, we’ll create ease in our conversations, and develop experiments that support you to create the change you want without pressure or expectation.

individual coaching

It’s rare for a disruptor to be offered a space that is fully focused on them, and what they want to explore.  It’s possibly more rare for them to speak with someone who trusts, and can support them to discover answers from within themselves.  We move from simply finding a solution, to unlocking untapped potential and learning how to engage with this.  This style of coaching creates a deep connection between the coach and individual, and often leads to incredibly valuable, unexpected outcomes.

session length: 60 minutes
single session: £350
monthly retainer: £1,000 (max 3 sessions + summary emails + access to coach between conversations)

group coaching

When groups of disruptors come together with a shared focus, there can be huge benefit for all involved.  Directly, individuals have the opportunity to hear from and explore different perspectives as they work through their concerns.  Indirectly, they learn how others approach situations that may be familiar to them, disrupt potential echo chambers that exist beyond the group, develop trusted relationships they can rely on day-to-day, and discover how to create and be part of psychologically safe groups.

session length: 90 minutes
single session: £750
note: best suited to a consistent group of 4-6 individuals facing similar challenges and/or operating at a similar level

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