I used to measure my success by societal norms, thinking failures should be avoided and hidden away, and doing everything I could to fit in.  Now I find myself experimenting, discovering what works and what doesn’t, and being excited to try again.  Along the way I found that others also feel stuck living by a set of rules that hold them back.  Rules that tell them to keep quiet, to accept things as they are, to disregard what they feel is possible.  I believe it doesn’t need to be this way.  In fact, sometimes it’s the smallest changes in how we think and behave, the little tweaks, that make all the difference.

my coaching philosophy

We can limit our potential by becoming trapped in what we expect from ourselves and the world around us.  Disrupting our automatic patterns unlocks us from this restricted way of thinking.  In turn, creating space for us to choose what we want from life, and opportunity to create this in a way that’s right for us.  Our careers begin to flourish, our relationships become more fulfilling, life in general becomes easier and more vibrant.

a few years ago, I caught a little learning bug, which led to several qualifications…

ICF and AC accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
ICF and EMCC accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision
Master Diploma in Person-Centred NLP & Integrative Hypnotherapy
BIH accredited Diploma in Integrative NLP & Hypnotherapy
ANLP recognised certificates as an NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer
Certificates as an EFT Practitioner & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

…now I work with some amazing organisations and private clients.

Animas Centre for Coaching as a Coach Trainer
International Centre for Coaching Supervision as a Faculty Member
Ezra as a Leadership Coach and Coach Mentor
Mastered as a Lead Coach
RunYourself as a Training Consultant
Project 23 & Coaches of Colour as an Associate Coach

beyond coaching

I live a short walk from the sea, which is a dream, especially on those sunny, calm days, when I can take a moment to pause and simply watch the world go by.  During the spring and summer, I can often be found pottering away in my garden, reworking the planting and digging up weeds, usually while listening to a podcast.  My cat, Neptune, aka tune tune, monkey, monster, stretchy etc., often joins me in the garden, and is gradually working through his 9 lives (we’ve had discussions about this over the years, but he’s a cat and is choosing to do what he wants).  I’m also working on bringing the outdoors inside, and my home is increasingly being overtaken by plants; the fact I can still see floors and walls means there’s potentially space for more.