Disruptors aren’t contained by the norm, they think and operate beyond the frame of their role, they engage with heart to challenge the status quo.

Every organisation wants disruptors.  They’re the ones who consistently think (inside and) outside the box.  They fill the box with conflicting ideas and discover unexpected opportunities.  They turn the box into an aeroplane just to see how far it can fly.

It’s important to note that a disruptor who isn’t engaged by the day-to-day will find a way to change it.  They’ll make the task easier, they’ll develop a member of their team to take it on, they’ll find a solution that no longer requires that task to be completed.

Disruptors drive organisations forward, and are incredible to work with.  The greatest challenge is developing and engaging them over the longer term.  Happy Connections offers responsive, personalised, and engaging coaching solutions to address this challenge.